Botanischer Garten der Universität Basel

Mountain forest in Ecuador – Dracula Forest Reserve

The Ecuadorian mountain forests on the border to Colombia are one of the habitats most rich in species in the world. There each tree is a small Botanical Garden. In these thinly populated areas large areas of primeval forests can still be found. Continuously these are being cut down now, mostly to gain two years of Agricultural production. After that the soil is exhausted. The land is abandoned and consequently dominated by secondary forest.

Center, left and rear: primeval forest. Front and right: clearings and secondary forestEnlarge: 2'000 px | 4'000 px

If we act now, the forest could be purchased untouched. For this reason the Botanical Garden Basel has launched a protection project which has already secured the means for one square kilometer (about 250 acres). For another fore square kilometer (1'000 acres) the Garden lacks the necessary funds. One tree amounts to 5 Swiss Francs. This action also saves all the orchids, bromeliads etc., which live in the crowns and last but not least all the animals like hummingbirds, frogs, butterflies, depending on the forest.


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A hearty thank you to you all for your kind donations.

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