Eleutherodactylus johnstonei

The whistling frogs came to us unintentionally with bromeliads or orchids from Guadeloupe and found an ideal habitat in the old tropical house that was dismantled in 2019. They are not viable outdoors with us, so they are not a "danger" to the native fauna.

Since the closure of the old Tropical House, some specimens live in the Victoria House and spread there their shrill whistling sounds, about 80 frogs whistle now in the Tropical House of the Botanical Garden Freiburg (DE).

Outdoor birds

The Botanical Garden is a favorite haunt for various native bird species. For several years, even the shy woodcreepers have been breeding here in the middle of Basel. Well hidden in the trees they are often not even noticed. The attentive observer sometimes finds them in the trees on Petersplatz, even while the hustle and bustle of the Basel Autumn Fair is going on below them.