In 1898, the Victoria House was built especially for Victoria regia (also Victoria amazonica). At that time, it was the main attraction and central component of the Botanical Garden. In 1995, the Victoria House was restored in accordance with the preservation order. Today it is one of the few remaining Victoria Houses in Europe and inspired the logo of our garden with its striking silhouette.

The imposing Amazon water lily forms leaves up to two meters in diameter. However, the somewhat smaller species Victoria cruziana is often cultivated. From May to September, the large floating leaves dominate the heated central basin in the greenhouse. In addition to the Amazon water lily, an amazing abundance of tropical swamp and water plants can be seen in the Victoria House, e.g. mangroves, rice, floating ferns, arum and many more, including the red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle).

Glory for Victoria...

...was the motto for the re-opening of the Botanical Garden 1898 at its current location by the Spalentor.

The Victoria greenhouse and its name-giver, the giant water lily was the main attraction.

In 1995 it underwent extensive reconstructions due to corrosion damage.

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the original Victoria house in 1900

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1996 after the reconstruction