The new building

In the fall of 2019, the old Tropical Greenhouse had to be closed and demolished due to significant age-related defects. A large part of the tropical plants had been relocated to a temporary foil house. From spring 2020 to fall 2022, the University of Basel constructed the new Tropical Greenhouse. Thanks to contributions from benefactors, not only could it be rebuilt, a new Cloud Forest Greenhouse was built and the visitors' foyer could be remodelled and improved.

The design

The new Tropical Greenhouse was built on the foundation of the old one, so that the three-bay structure remained. However, the new buildings are taller and more suitable for tropical plants. For tropical mountain plants, an entirely new walk-in Cloud Forest Greenhouse was built. The new visitor foyer has a large glass front and can be used flexibly for events. The entrance area of the garden between the Spalentor and the Tropical Greenhouse was also redesigned. The design for the new layout was created by Basel architects Fistarol Sintzel Jacobs.


For the optimal design of the Tropical Greenhouse and its surroundings, the University and the Garden depended on financial support. For example, the new tropical pond, the construction of suitable culture and presentation conditions for the titan arum, the integration of the orchid collection into the Rain Cloud Forest and last but not least the planting of exotic plants could only be realized with the support of generous sponsors and donors.

On behalf of its visitors, the Botanical Garden team would like to thank all sponsors, private donors and helpers for their great commitment!
list of sponsors

Open House Event

Visit the new Tropical and Cloud Forest Greenhouse on Saturday, May 27, 2023, 10 am - 4 pm.

We are looking forward to your visit!
Organization: Botanical Garden Basel and Botanical Garden Association.
With the support of the Department of Environmental Sciences and the Rectorate of the University of Basel.